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Instant Bitcoin Loan

With some of the highest rates for BTC loans, convert your BTC to instant loan cash. Use our BTC lending app and get instant cash using Bitcoins as your collateral. Get 90% of the value of your BTC, with repayment within 7 or 30 days.

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  • It removes the need for a P2P lender. We use our fiat fund and can lend you cash instantly

Getting An Instant Bitcoin Loan

Bitcoin is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies out there. It is the spearhead that launched a new technological revolution. Without it, we wouldn’t have blockchain technology and currency decentralization, which are already being used in a wide range of industries. Read on to learn how you can borrow crypto or fiat using BTC.

instant bitcoin loan onlineWhat is Bitcoin?

The concept of digital currency has been around for decades, but it didn’t come to fruition until 2008. Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to create a financial system that circumvented traditional methods. He created Bitcoin as a way to make money accessible using the internet. His concept attracted followers, and the digital coin would soon grow in popularity.

At first, it had a reputation of being a dark web currency. However, it became a viable technology that solves many issues with modern finances. Today, it is the most popular cryptocurrency among thousands with different uses. Its advantages overshadow the flaws it needs to fix.

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin for Loans


  • Recognized: Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Businesses, online services, investments funds, and cryptocurrency traders all use it.
  • Secure: Blockchain technology almost negates any attempt at fraud thanks to decentralization. It’s also hard to crack its code because of the advanced cryptography required for each transaction.
  • Global: Bitcoin’s value does not change, no matter where it is in the world. Many consider it the first worldwide currency, contributing to an increasingly globalized economy.
  • Decentralized: No single authority or company can define Bitcoin. No one has total control, and no one entity can change its operations.


  • Competitive: Many cryptocurrencies are trying to dethrone Bitcoin’s position. New technology, and applications mean that new generation crypto can issue their challenges. Some are unsure if BTC will remain the primary digital currency in the future.
  • Volatile: Unlike traditional currency, Bitcoin’s prices tend to move up and down over time. You can experience price swings unlike any you’ve seen before compared to other currencies. There is a bit of unpredictability, though Bitcoin has gained stability over time.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about volatility when you get loans from our site. You do not risk losing potential growth as you don’t sell your Bitcoin, make it act as collateral. The loan might even help you grow your portfolio.

Bitcoin loan Crypto loansAn Easy-to-Use Accessible Platform

Getting a BTC loan is easy, thanks to our website. All you need is an account and a BTC balance. You can then convert your borrowed funds into altcoins or turn them into Bitcoin for leverage. You can also instantly transfer the cash to your bank account or credit card.

It is a way to leverage or hedge a portfolio for growth. You can employ protection strategies that help you profit in all market conditions. If you want to learn more, get detailed steps in our tutorial. You can also opt for other crypto loans such as DASH and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Loans Backed By Altcoins

We are the first platform to offer BTC loans to fiat with backing from altcoins. That means we always have funds to back up our pool and ensure our customers get the money they need. Bitcoin lending is best for those active with the investments who are aiming to get more BTC without selling altcoins. You can hedge, gain profits, and get back your BTC.

Our new borrow feature allows you to expand the possibilities of your crypto portfolio. It is the bridge to connect credit lines backed by fiat with other forms of digital assets.

How Does Bitcoin Lending Work?

With our instant bitcoin loan service, you can borrow different types of crypto or fiat, including EUR, GBP, CHF, BTC, USD, and USDT. You’ll need to have USDT or other cryptos as collateral if you want to borrow Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Loan Calculator

Our calculator is a tool that helps you estimate returns based on the tariff plan you take. It’s the way to compare our different options and see what’s best for you. It features various adjustable parameters such as repayment period, price down limit, and loan duration.

Bitcoin Lending Process

The lending process is simple. Create an account and verify your identity. Afterward, deposit the crypto you want to use as collateral for the loan.

Don’t Sell Your Bitcoin: Get an Instant Bitcoin Loan Instead

Getting crypto credits is easy once you use our app. Learn more and begin boosting your portfolio. With our platform, you can do everything from buying to selling to converting to taking out instant Bitcoin loans.